5 Questions To Ask Before You Start a Remodel

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May 12, 2015

As a professional home remodeler, we field many phone calls from potential clients. 

One of the first things that people ask us is when we can set up an in-person meeting. To ensure an in-person meeting is time well spent, it's best for homeowners and remodelers to discuss a few key items over the phone before you both invest in a significant time commitment in the middle of a busy weekday.

  1. What kind of project do you have in mind? Start with a description of what you are planning. If a contractor primarily remodels kitchens and baths, then a large addition may not be the kind of project they are prepared for.
  2. What is your expected timeline? Ask about the length of their planning process and to learn if your remodeler has a current work backlog.
  3. Is my budget realistic? Discussing budgets can be uncomfortable, but it's important, particularly if you have a specific amount you don't want to exceed. Gutting two bathrooms and remodeling with high-end finishes does not fall under a $5,000 budget for a professional remodeler.
  4. Can I supply my own materials or do some of the work myself? Some contractors are comfortable with this while others are adamant about buying all the materials. Homeowners performing some work can effect the schedule and be problematic so many contractors may answer no. It's worth the discussion up front.
  5. Have you remodeled before? Let your contractor know of your previous experience, good or bad, or if this is your first time remodeling. This will effect how you approach the remodel and determine a level of trust with your contractor.

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