You Can’t Get Front Row Seats if You’re Only Willing to Pay for Mezzanine

Posted by webmaster

Jun 06, 2014

The bidding wars are back and it's getting a little ridiculous. We spoke with a couple recently who wanted a complete renovation of their kitchen to include an all new appliance package, custom cabinets, new flooring (which included tearing out the old flooring), removing a couple of walls, and a myriad of other items. It was a $50,000 job which we lost to a $25,000 bid. The appliances alone that the homeowner wanted were $15,000. We were upset about the outcome but not surprised as we've seen this situation all too often. As Yogi Berra once said, "A nickel ain't worth a dime anymore."

Let's face it. Because professional services are worth more, they cost more. That means that you, on the receiving end, can expect more and get more which is precisely what you pay for. With the recession and consumer credit tightened, many homeowners are choosing contractors purely on price instead of quality, experience and professionalism. As a result, many great craftsman are going out of business but one thing is for sure, the contractors who low bid the jobs will eventually be out of business too. Hiring a "handyman" or "friend of a friend" could very well mean a savings in the short term but we've heard all too well of the bad contractor -- Nice guy. Great price. Off to a good start. And then all quiet on the job for days. Phone calls stop being returned. Job didn't get finished or was finished badly.

Why not get what you pay for? Yes, a professional remodel will cost more. More for great design. More for good communication and project supervision. More for skill, efficiency, attentiveness, thoroughness, and pure TLC. Isn't that worth paying for?

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