A “Site” Unseen

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Sep 21, 2015

One of the many ways we like to stand out from the competition is our implementation of Virtuoso Site Rules. 

We post our Site Rules at each and every job site along with making sure our craftsmen have their own copy. Virtuoso Site Rules are based on three basic themes: respect for others and their property, safety, and keeping the project on schedule. Our first and most important rule, we think, is our requirement that anyone working on our projects must supply Virtuoso with proof of current insurance coverage, a completed W-9, and a signed Independent Contractor Agreement. Here's a few other site rules we would like to share with you:

  • Profanity, unprofessional behavior, and unkempt appearances will NOT be tolerated.
  • If you suffer a work-related injury, report it to your employer AND to our Project Supervisor, Mike Sowry, immediately.
  • All materials and tools must be kept in a safe and orderly fashion. If your work area or work habits become a hazard to you and/or others, you will be directed to clean up your work area immediately and/or correct your method of working.
  • Smoking is NOT permitted in or near the job site.
  • Clean up and remove all your construction debris on a daily basis.
  • Everyone is responsible for protecting the homeowner's property as well as the work of other trades. Any damage should be reported immediately to the supervisor.
  • Please take all necessary precautions to protect any landscaping around the property.

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