Better than real.  Porcelain wood tile gaining popularity.

Posted by Molly Sowry

Mar 02, 2017

Hardwood flooring has been popular among homeowners for hundreds of years because of its beautiful, classic look, as well as its durability. However, many homeowners have opted for using porcelain wood tile as a superior alternative. Advanced printing techniques give the tile planks the appearance of wood that has been weathered, aged, and even burnt. Consumers are recognizing the benefits, coupled with the most innovative 3D printing technology, as superior to the ‘real’ thing.

While the possibilities are almost limitless, our suppliers have told us that wood tile has become one of the most frequently requested flooring materials amongst homeowners. We are now installing wood tile in almost every one of our remodels. Here’s why:

Design Flexibility – Porcelain wood tile is incredibly versatile in terms of aesthetics. Porcelain wood tiles can be made to look like any style wood you want from dark hardwood to a vintage complete with knots and gnarls. You’ll have to look more than twice to know whether they are the real thing or not.

Long-term Costs – Its durability results in little maintenance being required, which means little money needs to be spent on caring for it, or for repairs since it’s so durable. 

Cost of Ownership – Hardwood floors can be quite pricey depending on the variety of wood you choose, meaning that porcelain wood tile can be a more affordable option. 

Durability – Porcelain is a type of ceramic tile that is much tougher and scratch resistant than hardwood, not to mention it’s more durable and resistant to stains as well. Hardwood floors need to be sealed on a regular basis in order to be stain resistant. In addition, using wood tile gives the appearance of a hardwood floor without worrying about warping, rotting, or any of the other aggravations associated with real wood.

It’s not just the floor that’s getting the hardwood treatment. Wood tiles are common on walls too, mostly in the bathroom. As an added perk, wood tiles will better withstand the heavy traffic and high moisture prevalent in both rooms, where real wood wouldn’t last long. While real wood wouldn't survive as bathroom flooring or a kitchen backsplash, tile can.

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