Considering Purchasing A New Home

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Nov 01, 2015

Virtuoso Builders can be helpful in your decision making

At Virtuoso Builders, our clients have been very influential in the development of our new services. Created through ongoing and more frequent requests from former clients, we have formalized a service we have been providing for some time. Over the years, many clients have turned to us for assistance in evaluating properties before deciding to purchase a new home. Often times, we are contacted by our clients to meet with them along with their Realtors to look at homes they are interested in buying. In addition, we have worked with wonderful Realtors who have called us in to meet with their clients. After gaining an understanding of the buyer's needs for a particular home, Virtuoso was able to make recommendations on whether the home can be modified through renovations, additions or minor alterations to suit their family's lifestyle. If they decide to move forward, we work with the client to develop a construction plan which will accomplish their goals with a manageable budget and timeline.

Another important part of the home buying process is the Inspector's Report. Virtuoso has also been brought in to review the report and after doing so, we have been able to advise prospective buyers on what is involved to remedy any known issues. Most of the time, these issues are pretty straight forward and can easily be taken care of if work is completed by an experienced professional. In some cases, these issues can be a negotiating point for the home and the lowered costs can be used to fix the situation.

If you or someone you know is consdering purchasing a home in San Antonio, let us know. We would be happy to discuss the property and explore how we may be of assistance.

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