Overlooking the Selections Process Could Cost You

Posted by Molly Sowry

Aug 23, 2018

A well managed and well planned selections process could be the difference in your remodeling project finishing on schedule and not going over budget. It is critical to have a process in place for you, the homeowner, to make decisions on plumbing fixtures, decorative lighting, tile selections and other materials prior to construction.

Control the Process
There should be one point of contact to help you in the decision making. This might be from your contractor, a project manager, or their designer. This person basically directs the traffic. At Virtuoso Builders, this point person is our Project Developer. Our Project Developer works in direct contact with our clients making sure that they know where to shop for their appliances, countertops, fixtures, and that the selections are on budget. All of this is done during pre-construction planning and never on the fly during the remodel.

Control the Product
Many times, we are asked the question if our clients can supply a particular item or items needed for their remodeling project. They may have found something special on a vacation and wanted us to install it or sourced a product on line and want to buy it to save a few dollars. We have done this on occasion, however, we do highly suggest going to the local showrooms and shop. Online shopping can create problems and doesn’t necessarily save you money. If there is an issue with an item when it arrives, it can slow down the job because we don’t have any control over an internet company to resolve the issue. There is also no guarantee on the quality of an online product.

Once we get to know our clients and their design style, we provide them with a shopping list, room by room, so they can begin looking and get a feel for what’s out there. If they see something on line they love, we can always check with our suppliers to see if they carry that product or something that looks like it. We always send our favorite vendors the same shopping list so when our clients walk in to their appointment, they are prepared.

The key to a successful selections process is to make the selections early on. This allows for the homeowner to control their costs by knowing their selections ahead of time and controlling the timeline by ordering these items at the start of the project. We would rather be looking at it than looking for it.

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