Planning a remodel? Here are 5 easy steps.

Posted by Molly Sowry

Apr 06, 2018

Making the decision to remodel is not an easy one. It’s important to be well informed about the process so you can understand what is ahead. Remodeling is messy, expensive, and time consuming. If you can wrap your mind around those hard and true facts then it's actually easy to plan ahead.

  1. Rushing into your project. Plan the work and then work the plan. There should never be guesswork during a project or decisions made on the fly. Every issue including budget, design, draw schedule, material selections, or any other matter should be addressed before construction starts.
  2. Research your contractor. Take your time. Ask questions. Check references and the Better Business Bureau. Make sure your contractor has General Liability and that his subcontractors are all insured.
  3. Stop penny-pinching. If budget is a concern, then think about saving on some areas and splurging in others. For example, if you are a chef at home, go for the fabulous gas range and save money with a granite countertop instead of quartz. Or phase out your project and get what you want.
  4. Changing your mind. Remodeling can get really expensive really fast if you don’t stick to your original plan. Once your project begins, try to avoid looking at more images on Houzz or shows on HGTV. Have confidence in your decisions. Change Orders also add on time to your project.
  5. Be realistic. Remodeling is always more costly than you think so be prepared to spend more than what you hear them quote on HGTV. It’s great entertainment and filled with fabulous ideas but it doesn’t cost $20,000 to do a complete whole house gutting with the install of top of the line materials. Sorry, folks.

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