Quality Time At Work And Home

Posted by webmaster

Aug 17, 2015

Building relationships with our clients and seeing all of our collaborations come together truly gives us such pride and satisfaction. 

There is only one area, though, we have to put our foot down when we get the phone call to set up an initial consultation. And that is....family first. Weekdays are hectic. We have work, our children have school and other obligations. We come home each day to a list of things that need to get done such as homework, sports practices, helping with dinner, and preparing for the next day. So quality time with our children is precious. In days long passed, we once attended evening or weekend meetings with potential clients. We learned over time that those meetings never turned into actual jobs or if they did (once in a blue moon), the expectations of the homeowner were set and all meetings were to be at 6:30 on a weekday evening or early on a Saturday morning. Because of those experiences, we changed our policy to no more evening or weekend meetings. There are, of course, those times where we do make exceptions but they are ONLY for existing clients.

Our thoughts are this....
Family time is sacred. Evenings are a chance to get all of our hugs in and having dinner together is time to catch up with one another. We promise our children no work and they promise us to turn off all electronics. Not a bad trade off. Bedtime is our chance to read together, cuddle, and closure for the day. We are a sports family so guess what we are doing all weekend long? Our working hours are the same as most any other professional's. Not sure where the rumor started that Contractors work 24/7. Nope. We have lives too.

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