Reality Check

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May 25, 2016

With all of the home improvement shows on television, we have access to advice from top experts on renovating every possible room in your house. 

While the ideas you get from these reality shows can be helpful, the information is often misleading. Many of these programs illustrate projects that appear to be completely finished in a 30-minute segment with an abundant workforce, low budgets, high-end materials, and a glitch free process. This is unrealistic in the real world.

Although the reality home shows are entertaining, viewers considering a remodel may learn that the remodeling process is quick and easy, costs little, and is noninvasive. Remodeling is expensive, time-consuming, and requires a host of skills from everyone involved. In addition, we get the pleasure of watching fabulous kitchen transformations and become inspired to do our own kitchens but never see the part of the design and planning process, which is time consuming in and of itself. Furthermore, quality work is not done at such a fast pace by semi-skilled laborers. A good remodeling contractor can certainly bring a project in on time but it isn't going to happen in a weekend.

Reality home programs rarely show the unexpected problems that can occur during a remodel. Unwanted situations can arise when you begin to rip out cabinets and sheetrock, such as old wiring needing to be replaced. There is also the potential of unexpected delays with pre-ordered products not arriving on time. The reality shows have all appliances, tile, countertops, cabinets, faucets, flooring, etc. ready to be installed. This is the ideal situation but it's not uncommon for one of those items to hold up another being installed if it hasn't arrived from the factory yet.

Take heart. An outstanding remodel is extremely gratifying. Let these reality programs inspire you but be realistic. Nothing good comes that easy.

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