Remodeling Is Problem Solving

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May 06, 2016

Does this sound familiar? A Remodeler comes to your home, you walk them around to show them the space and what needs to be done, how it is going to be done, and then start talking about cost. In summary, you are telling them what you want and they are giving you a price. The trouble with this scenario is that the original problem was never discussed.

Similar to a doctor's visit, you tell your physician what problems you are experiencing, symptoms you are having, and they give you a solution. You wouldn't tell the doctor what was wrong with you, then explain that you needed surgery, and what medications to take. Remodeling is no different. Like a doctor, we listen to all of your problems and what pains you are dealing with. At that point, we can then do a little checking for ourselves and provide a recommended solution.

The first step to finding a solution for you is to know your budget. A client might love our design solutions that address all of the issues we talked about, but are these solutions right for the client's budget? If the project is $150,000 when their budget is $75,000, it is very hard for the client to settle for less when they have a vision of something much greater. If the solution doesn't fit the budget range of the client, it will not help anyone. This is a difficult conversation to have but is such an important ingredient in the problem solving process.

And, finally, tell us why you called us. Often, our clients say things like their kitchen is outdated. This helps somewhat but we love to hear what emotional reasons you have for wanting to remodel such as, "I entertain and my guests have nowhere to sit," or "I love to cook but my oven is too low and I have no storage for my cookware." We want to help you with as many problems as we can, so understanding your needs will help us to provide a recommended solution.

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