Remodeling Mistakes To Avoid

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Jan 27, 2014

There are many details that go into a remodeling project. 

To avoid common pitfalls that can arise and make the most of your investment, we suggest thinking twice about the following items:

1. Being your own General Contractor
There is definitely a sense of satisfaction in completing "Do-It-Yourself" projects. And not to discourage you from achieving that sense of accomplishment, but certain details of a remodeling project are best left to professionals. If you have never installed countertops and handled electrical work, now is not the time to start. You may think that you will save time and money by doing this on your own but one small mistake can lead to larger issues and be more costly in the long run. In addition, professional remodelers have a history with their vendors and suppliers so they can get better pricing and the service you are looking for.

2. Lack of planning
Plan, plan, and plan some more. By taking some extra time prior to construction, you will save time and money in the end. At Virtuoso, we recommend working with our architect or designer to create accurate designs and measurements when it comes to an intricate project. It's not worth it to take measurements as you go because mistakes will happen and you will go over budget. Don't rush the plans as it is worth the wait to achieve the design you really want.

3. Budgeting to the last dollar
Keep some wiggle room in your budget for the unexpected. What if something extra comes up such as unknowns underneath the flooring or behind the walls? These items will need to be addressed before moving any further on the project. There may also be a need to order extra materials. A little cushion of cash in your budget can be a financial lifesaver.

4. Choosing the lowest bid contractor
The lowest bid does sound tempting, however, choosing a contractor should be more than just about the bottom dollar. Keep in mind that this is a person you will be spending more time with than probably your co-workers or possibly even family members for several weeks. You need to be sure that this is someone you are going to be comfortable with having in your home, someone you are going to get along with, and someone who is highly trained and knowledgeable. Service does come with a price. Chances are, the lowest bid contractor will not pull the proper permits for the job, offer you a warranty for the work, or provide coverage if a worker has an accident in your home. It's worth the investment.

Avoiding these mistakes now can save you a great deal of money, time and frustration in the long run. Before you start any remodeling project, be sure to be well-prepared an realistic as possible.

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