Remodeling Your Whole House? Read On…

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Sep 30, 2014

The process of remodeling your entire home can feel like a project that is simply too big to handle. 

You have bedrooms, bathrooms, the kitchen, maybe even an office, and possibly an outdoor area to consider. Are you making a financial investment in your home to improve the resale value or is your priority to make improvements for your own enjoyment? A remodel, by nature, is disruptive so think about how you're going to cope with inaccessible areas of the home that are in the middle of construction. A whole house renovation in San Antonio requires a lot of detailed planning and expertise. Involving a talented and competent design/build remodeler is invaluable to ensure your project is designed to meet your needs and have the least impact on the family as the project moves forward.

When considering a whole house renovation, think about kitchen and bathroom remodeling, room reconfigurations or additions, and outdoor space. Do you want certain rooms to expand or serve a smaller purpose? Think about what your goals and needs are for your current space. Talk about these things with your San Antonio remodeling company and also express to them what you are considering as an investment.

Start your whole home remodeling process by, first, pulling together your list of needs. Then compile your list of wants. This will help you when trying to stay on budget. Also, put together your "dream file" which can include images of design styles, materials and colors you like. Feel free to view our Gallery to see what other San Antonio homeowners have done. If you need more of a hands on feel, visit us at the Parade of Homes in October. Magazines, television, other websites, homes of your friends and family can also be sources of inspiration. Remember, the final result is what really matters. If you take your time to plan, you should be well on your way to getting exactly what you want.

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