Save Money By Bundling Projects

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Jul 17, 2015

Just as you can save on phone, Internet and TV services by bundling them together and buying them all from the same company, you can stretch your remodeling dollar further if you have one Contractor do several jobs for you at once.

Consider this. You have hired a Contractor to remodel your kitchen. Most likely, your Contractor will bring in his Electrician, Plumber, Painter, Tile Installer and others to complete the project. While the Contractor's crew is working on your kitchen, it is a smart move to have them work on other items that need attention in your home. At Virtuoso Builders, we experience this fairly often when our homeowners request repairs such as repairing drywall from an old leak in their bathroom or replacing a fan in a bedroom. If our drywall specialist, painter, and electrician are already scheduled to come out to your home, bundling in the "extras" are an efficient and more economical way to go.

How is this more economical? For one, you pay a "trip charge" every time a repair technician comes to your home. It makes sense for the tradesman to replace and restore other areas of your house while they're already there. If you are paying for your project with a home improvement loan, it is less expensive to take out a single loan rather than going back to the bank for each individual project.

Consider these factors for your San Antonio remodel:

  • Walk around your home and make notes of items that need attention. Even if you are only planning a master bathroom remodel, it makes sense for the plumber to take care of a leaky faucet in the kitchen while he's already working on your bathroom.
  • Mention your problem areas to your Contractor so he can address those problems while he is there.
  • If you are adding on to your home and new windows are involved, think about keeping your home looking uniform by changing out the other windows at the same time.
  • Think ahead. If you need to phase out your project, let your Contractor know so that he can prepare for future work such as adding extra juice in the new electrical panel. This will save on the next project so the Electrician doesn't have to open up the wall again.
  • Keep in mind, any repairs should be discussed early on in the project development stage rather than once the project is underway so you can avoid having a Change Order. A Change Order will not save you money or time.

Think beyond the original project before you get started. Discuss what you would like to have done prior to receiving the final price from your Contractor. You may just save some money!

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