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Mar 03, 2016

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Ensuring a client's vision for their home begins with a lot of up front planning. Every remodeling company works a bit differently but after working in construction for almost 25 years, we've found the best way for us to work with clients is plan the work and then work the plan. This ensures we see the clients' vision for their home from concept to final touch up, even before we pick up a hammer.

At the first meeting, we like to learn about what you see for your home. This is a good time to present your "dream file." We suggest filling your "dream file" with pages from magazines, photos from other people's homes, renovation ideas, and perhaps even your own sketches. This helps us see your style, tastes, and vision for what you would like to see in your new space. We review the file together and ask lots of questions. At this time, we will offer a ballpark estimate with rough timeline to set the homeowners expectations. Most homeowners have specific ideas for their remodel, but if they've never experienced a remodel before they don't know how much it will cost.

Once the estimate and timeline are approved, we get into the planning stage. This is where we develop our Scope of Project and pull together actual costs keeping in mind the estimated budget we provided at our first meeting. If the client has construction plans, we can work from those. If not, we can bring in our architect or designer, depending on how extensive the project is going to be. We don't like surprises and know our clients don't either. To avoid them, we encourage our homeowners to make their materials selections before the project begins. This allows us to coordinate the final project price and minimize disruptions during the remodel.

Once the final design is to the clients' liking, the fun part! With the design set and the budget finalized (and possible assistance with our designer), clients make their material selections for items such as flooring, appliances, lighting, countertops, paint colors, etc. By taking these few extra steps before the project gets underway, we know we're ready to meet the client's expectations and hopefully exceed them.

Our process might seem like it would add more time to a remodeling project, but the truth is, this process allows the project to keep moving. Disruptions are also minimized because the homeowner knows the timeline and can plan around it, especially if they are living in the home during the project.

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