Survivial Guide To Your Home Remodel

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Oct 22, 2014

It's true. Living in a house during a remodel is stressful, but if you're prepared, you can make it easier on yourself and your whole family. 

Here's how:

  1. Plan Ahead - Talk to your remodeler about the length of time the remodel will take. Consider how the work will disrupt your life and make preparations such as setting up a temporary kitchen with a microwave if you are having a kitchen remodel. You may even think about adding in a budget for eating out. Purchasing paper goods is a good idea if you do not have access to a sink or dishwasher to clean dishes.
  2. Establish Ground Rules - Discuss timing and basic property rules with your contractor. Make him aware of what times of the day are acceptable for you to have crews in your home. If you have an HOA, find out if they allow workers on weekends. Also, discuss locations you approve of having a portable toilet and dumpster if your project requires them.
  3. Store Your Belongings - Put away anything breakable or delicate. If you can't move some pieces of furniture on your own, talk to your contractor about a recommended mover who could move the furniture to another part of the house or, perhaps, to storage. Another option is to cover up your furniture with drop cloths to avoid some of the dust.

As we say here at Virtuoso Builders, plan the work and then work the plan. If you take our advice and make preparations prior to demolition and keep the lines of communication open between you and your contractor, your project will go a lot smoother.

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