Why Are We So Devoted To Remodeling?

Posted by webmaster

Dec 22, 2014

These days it is important for us all to appreciate simply having a job to go to every day. 

It's also important to love waking up each morning to the job we are going to.

We can easily say we love being in the remodeling business. We love so many aspects of this line of work, which we know we wouldn't be able to do in any other industry. We love it and it shows.

Here's a few reasons why:
1. Every day is different. Remodeling is never dull and there are no constants. Each project is unique with a new set of homeowners in a different setting. Our creativity is never limited and is extremely satisfying.

2. We have a personal connection. There are very few fields of business where there is such a high level of trust and you spend so much concentrated time with your customers. We have seen our homeowners at all different times of the day, learned about each others families and lives, and have even gone out together beyond the project completion. Our connection with our clients is often deep and long lasting.

3. It's fun to destroy things and get paid for it. In what other field are you allowed to go into someone elses home with a sledgehammer and knock out their wall? The deconstruction part of a major project is like therapy. Who doesn't need that?

4. Remodeling will never become obsolete. It's safe to say that homes will always need caring for and the need for our services will always be there.

5. There is a handyman living in our own home! Yes, it is dreamy. Mike, Principal Owner of Virtuoso Builders, is the Project Manager of our family business. He is "the man" in our family to go to for everything construction related and the best neighbor to have if you need a specific tool to borrow. Our Grandmother even asks him to change the ink cartridge in her printer because he is so handy.

There are many other reasons that have kept us going in this business for over 10 years, such as the phenomenal team we've built and the professional relationships we have. We wouldn't do any of it if we didn't love what we do.

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