Design and Build Defined

A full-service design + build remodeling company helps homeowners understand exactly what they are getting from start to finish.

This truly helps to streamline the process and avoid common industry problems that often occur when an architect drafts the design plans and then a builder is brought in later. When you use a full-service design-and-build remodeling company, the budget for the design and construction are taken into consideration.

The Virtuoso Builders design+build Process provides:

  • A one-stop shopping approach to your remodeling needs
  • A single point of accountability between you and the variety of services used to finish your home
  • The contractor as your advocate to ensure details from design to the finishing touches are completed in a timely manner, within budget and of high quality
  • Efficient use of services, ensuring no idle time is absorbed by the project or as needless overhead, thereby lowering overall cost
  • Design and material selection tailored to your taste and style